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Smiles and Awkward Touching :iconmargaritacochita:margaritacochita 0 6 these people i know :iconmargaritacochita:margaritacochita 1 4 Summer Boy :iconmargaritacochita:margaritacochita 1 4 Dandelion :iconmargaritacochita:margaritacochita 0 5
Between the Willows -part 1-
Between the willow trees we sat
trailing the tips of our fingers
in the whispering brook.
It told us secrets
and the meanings of life
while you lit a fire with the corners of your elbows
against the rocky soil.
God said it was good.
We knew it, too,
as we created hope in the forms of
daffodils with twisted stems
and rose thorns between our teeth.
We went fishing in that brook, just us two,
fishing without nets
or poles,
fishing with our cupped hands and trembling fingers
for smiles only lent to us and
summer days long wasted and
sleepless nights not loved.
We'd take our prizes home in our ears and eyes
and nurse them back to health
with decaying foliage
and luke-warm water.
They were set free in our special place,
like Monarchs raised from caterpillars to cocoons in little mesh houses
and that was the hardest part.
Remember how fast they'd skip and run and fly away?
:iconmargaritacochita:margaritacochita 2 4
Harriet the Spy
that old man standing in the corner of the bus stop with the charcoal voice and the hands that must have drowned a thousand kittens was in love but he left and hes sad now he has a story to tell but no one wants to listen to him speak
i bet hes lonely
that thirty something lady who just avoided that old man with the hair that looks like shes never let it down is a workaholic and doesnt have the time for friends and doesnt believe in colors or foolishness or true love
i bet that boy she just walked by could have changed her mind
that dirty mutt who just peed on that old man and just growled at that thirty something lady with the droopy tail used to have a boy who loved him but that boy grew up and flew away like they all do but now its a hobo-dog and its hungry and it growls for food and love and that little boy
i bet hes cold
that expensive looking man who just laughed at that old man and just whistled at that thirty something lady and just ran over that dog with the posh car is an ass
:iconmargaritacochita:margaritacochita 4 8


I Am Not A God
When the government fell, she had been the only one left standing.  Her ethics as a senator had been so great as to have never created her a single enemy among the insurgents, and for that, her life was spared.    
Survivor's guilt is a powerful destroyer of someone's soul.
Five years later, and the sensation, the twenty three year old woman senator who had won over the nation with a charming smile and a knack for embarrassing the more corrupt politicians, was unrecognizable as a cold, impenetrable twenty eight year old.  
As the last remaining member of government who held any significant position of power after the attack, she had taken over in days, pulling together all the armed forces and surviving citizens.  On the fifth day after the dust settled, she made it clear that the war was not over.  Standing atop the mountain of rubble that was once the tallest building in the country, in front of a blazing, red rising sun, th
:iconrebeltango:RebelTango 1 2
They trained their big eyes upward, to the sky, glittering sacrifices in their hands, cut fresh from Earth’s appendage. “It’s a song,” they whispered, or wanted to whisper, their quiet voices crushed underfoot in the mare’s wild rampage across the arching virga.
As a little girl growing up, there were many things she wanted to be; a princess, a doctor, a superhero saving people from their sadness. But years later, as she and her lover soared across the night sky, she knew, it was all she ever wanted just to be a part of that burning twilight.
Wig, make-up, plastic, masks, prosthetics; just a few more days, no time to be different if you want to be cool, if you want to make sure no one ever sees who you are, (who are you?) who you are because if they do, if they do, ifffftheyyyyyydooooooooo…
They spent their days on the boat, or in the field, drinking sweet milk and eating sticky fruit pluck
:iconclockwork-aristocrat:clockwork-aristocrat 7 15
It's all moving too fast. :iconlittlelottexo:LittleLottexo 5 4 ... invitation :iconwerol:werol 8,650 918 paint box :iconutzel-butzel:Utzel-Butzel 5,446 356
Today is the day for a fresh start.
Begin it with a bright smile, beauty in it’s appearance, but acidic enough in it’s quality to wipe clean your moldy sins, the offenses, every hurt you’ve done to anyone you’ve ever encountered.
Brush your teeth.
While you’re brushing, remember to look – really look – at your reflection in the mirror. If you do, you may just see him, with a great big smile on his face, just like the one you’re wearing now, leaning close to whisper while you brush, ‘Today’s a brand new day. It’s all yours. The tabula rasa, baby. Emptiness, a void to be filled with only your great qualities.’
You’ll hear this for the rest of your day, echoed by everyone you see, with that same wonderful smile.
Take a shower. Make it hot, make it boiling hot, and make it so incredibly hot that the knob will turn into infinity and beyond. Your skin may not be able to take much after a while, but if you can endure the bubblin
:iconclockwork-aristocrat:clockwork-aristocrat 1 12
Another Day 3 :iconlittlelottexo:LittleLottexo 1 0 Sunkissed :iconfurtivelungs:FurtiveLungs 1,886 165 Notern Palm :iconmrs-krapivka:Mrs-Krapivka 4 0
Calla Lilies
He leaned down to kiss her belly, round with eight months of affection.
Inside a little heart was beating.
(Oh my god we were so young)
I had a dream once, where all I wanted to tell you was how much I love you. But all I could think about was how warm your skin was next to mine and how full I felt breathing in the air you breathed out. I couldn't even remember what happened. I was too scared to be in love.
(I was really too in love to be scared.)
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, eighteen, Eighteen.
(How did you know calla lilies were my favorite flowers?)
Nobody told me how it would feel after. How I would feel so empty.
(I won't hurt you. I promise.)
He pressed his forehead against hers, and their noses brushed together.
(I met you that night)
I used to have two hummingbirds. One was named Deedadum, and the other Dumdadee. Their names sounded like th
:iconlittlelottexo:LittleLottexo 9 11
Light and Shadow :iconjfphotography:jfphotography 25 6 Cooper Young Fest 2 :iconcoga:Coga 9 1 Sunrise, Sunset :iconwerol:werol 1,807 173 Like a fairy tale. :iconlittlelottexo:LittleLottexo 4 4 Shadows. :iconlittlelottexo:LittleLottexo 11 3 Adella's Looking Glass :iconjemapellenicoletta:jemapellenicoletta 2,165 255



Margaret Elizabeth
United States
Current Residence: my body.
Favourite genre of music: anything.
Favourite photographer: juliet demasi.
Favourite style of art: yours.
Shell of choice: oyster.
Personal Quote: "You're going to live... Sort of."
  • Listening to: simon & garfunkel
  • Reading: perks of being a wallflower
  • Watching: DROP DEAD DIVA
  • Playing: supermario sunshine
  • Eating: grilled cheese
  • Drinking: shirley temples
I haven't updated in forever.
I've been thinking.
I want to say thank you to all the lovely people who follow me on here, because looking at it now, most if not all of the things I post are dreadful. I'm embarrassed.
I want to thank you for putting up with it and for being wonderful and not saying anything.
That is very nice of you.


I haven't uploaded anything in forever because I've been really busy writing songs. I NEVER WRITE SONGS.
Well, before the past few months I didn't.
But now all of a sudden it's like my self expression has exploded out of me through my mouth.
That sounds gross.
I would post my lyrics, but I feel weird about it.
The songs I write seem so much more personal than any poem I ever could have written.
I'm nervous to post them because I dont write in a very cryptic way at all- everything is laid out.
But woietshjdiuhyilduhls I don't know.
Maybe I will.
Maybe I won't.



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